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Aurora Carlson
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Hi @susan !

I do understand that you feel that you had a deeper perspective than most people from the start, but actually, any and all of the concepts you use (people, planet, table, food) are constructs created by human awareness as a whole. The entire world we perceive is a collective construct, and it helps to remember this to prevent the ego from increasing the sense of separation and dragging us into even more pain.

The thing is that people are like all people are… in all ways! We all have the capacity to be anything from saintly to ego-monsters. Each person expresses some degree of both I guess. Real peace is not to be found in imagining that all people are good, but in realizing that what we all are is beyond right/wrong good/bad altogether. What we all appear to be is mind-creations in the one universal mind which is our true identity. We are not the persons, regardless if they appear to be saints or sinners. We are that, which holds all people and everything else within itself, consciousness itself. Only from here can we forgive every person, including our own, for all the thoughts, feelings and actions that are less than aware, loving, nourishing, intelligent, constructive, etc. The more separated we imagine ourselves to be from everyone and everything else, the more we will think, feel and act in self-damaging ways.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that the only perspective that needs to expand when things seem problematic is the one we are looking from at the moment. It’s never up to others, because “others” (and we as separate from them) is simply an idea in the undivided consciousness that is and always has been the true identity.

To answer your question, no, I haven’t had my aura pic taken, but I know both this person’s and other people’s energy field very clearly if I intend to, as even the energy field is not separated. It is a good way to notice if the illusion of ego has constricted the view in some way, causing pain and heaviness, as it does in many of its regions called “us” 🙂 Sorry for maybe sounding strange, it’s not easy to use language as it is usually understood to express the view of wholeness. In any case, from wholeness we can invite our own consciousness to let go of the illusions of separation- superiority, inferiority, rightness, wrongness, and so on. All that is simply experience arising in the one consciousness.

Sending love and wishing you a wonderful day! 🙂

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