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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @krista , I loved the way you put your story of creation in verse 🙂 You seem to always speak in poetry… And of course, the part I absolutely loved, where I smiled with you, I’m sure, was this:

“Before the dividing time
And that is where we are now”

We ARE in the eternal now which is beyond the mind’s realm of time and stories 🙂 That is where it all comes from, haha…

Dear @susan , yes past lives. They are so fascinating, these memories, and it is so special, isn’t it, to meet someone whom you’ve met before. Still, as Krista puts it… before dividing time is where we are now. I came to realize that all the stories of past lives are simply lingering, repetitive experiences of self-interaction in this one cosmic being. Most often, they come with a flavor, a certain type of experience that we can’t have enough of, either because we like it so much that we crave it, or because we dislike it a lot, but don’t know how to let go. As I see it, experience is at its best when it is freely chosen 🙂 What do you think of that?

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