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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @susan , I think you explained very well, and I thank you for that!

But I’m going all the way, you see. What I’m trying to say is this: as soon as we say “I” and mean a person… well, we have already placed the self in some position which is different from other positions, and so more/less this or that quality than what we then call “others”. You see what I mean? From that level, it is impossible to be equal, because there are no two equal blades of grass in the relative world. Each “person” is an expression of different degrees of qualities of consciousness. But the thing is that any “person” is not even a static construct, but a continuously shifting creation …. of and within consciousness! 🙂

At some point, the one consciousness (on this forum we can call it “the universe”) realizes that the construct “Aurora” “Susan” and so on are not reality. Reality is the consciousness which constructs and observes them from beyond timespace, or what sometimes is called the eternal now. From there, even past lives are stories, and if you look at it, what is stuck is awareness 🙂 Awareness gets stuck in identifying with this or that experience, just as it does when it is stuck with qualities like good or bad.

To put it another way, there are not many, but one – when it comes to both people and moments. The many are simply ideas, experiences, sensations in the one.

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