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Aurora Carlson
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I would not say that there is no self @dheeraj , but the self is not what most people are used to call self. It is not a thing (body), it is not a name, personality, social position or characteristic, it is not even an idea. The self is existence itself, being, and of course, it is not really possible to describe it with words, even these words I just used. The self is so completely beyond concepts that by saying that there is no self, the Buddha must have meant that nothing – at all- in the world of form and phenomena, is the self. But that doesn’t mean that there is no self, depending of course on what we mean by self. If we mean the very existence behind all things and phenomena, the existence holding all that within itself and of which they are made for there is nothing else in reality… well… then there is a self 🙂 That self laughs, speaks and fights as us. It is like the light of which a movie is made. The forms on the screen may seem real, but they are in reality just light forms. Their self is light. Our identity is that one light (not literally, just a metaphor) projecting itself as many objects.