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Hello, wonderful YATU community,

@aurorac I love your statement, “As I see it, experience is at its best when it is freely chosen.” It resonates deeply within me! And in a later post, you pose, “First we discover who we truly are, then we understand how to create subtle and gross layers from sanity and not from the insane point of view of separation. I agree that it is a challenge, as we challenge not only our personal point of view, but everyone else’s 🙂 But what else can we do? It’s impossible to think and do things in the same old way, isn’t it? 🙂” I love your energy, and could not agree with you more! Thanks for your beautiful description of the integration of the soul. In post #6765, I appreciate your assertion, “We are that, which holds all people and everything else within itself, consciousness itself. Only from here can we forgive every person, including our own, for all the thoughts, feelings and actions that are less than aware, loving, nourishing, intelligent, constructive, etc. The more separated we imagine ourselves to be from everyone and everything else, the more we will think, feel and act in self-damaging ways.” This imperative lesson just came to pay me another visit! Haha! Isn’t it beautiful and exciting how we continue to grow and learn?! I am grateful even for the challenges, for they allow for transformation!!

@susan I so enjoyed your comments, “These were about me (and they were so wrong), about others and as my dad used to say all the time ‘These are the facts of life!’ Well, they may have been his facts but not mine!” This echoes the conflicts we all face in sifting through the (often negative) belief systems of others to rediscover our true self. Thanks also for sharing your struggles in caring for your own self, as it’s easier for you to put others first and yourself last. As you know, this is a recipe for disaster, yet SUCH a difficult habit to break for many of us! My Self included!! Sending you peace, strength, and love to fill your own needs so you may rejuvenate and be of better service to your Self and all those you influence! Thank you for your empathy, your sensitivity, and compassion. I know it is not easy to operate daily with so many feelings blasting like surround-sound as you try to navigate your life! The word I’ve found that helps bring me back to center is BALANCE. Everything in balance!! Light and love, you strong angel!! 😉 😀

To answer your questions about experiences with spirit, I have had many personal encounters. Some of them scared me, some of them comforted me, and all of them made me stop, be present, and question reality—all imperative things!! There was an elderly man who passed away in the home I grew up in, and sometimes I could hear him walking up and down the stairs and into our bedrooms. I heard him mumble a few times also, but I couldn’t comprehend the message. I was visited by a little girl, probably about 10 yrs old, whom I saw a handful of times, at my home, in my friend Kaitlin’s kitchen, and even in my fifth-grade classroom! She had brown curly long hair and a seafoam green dress with white ruffles and shiny black shoes. She never spoke or said anything, yet as Kaitlin spent the night once we were awoken around 3 am by what sounded like a little girl stomping in tap shoes on the landing of the stairs. The next morning, there were little crescent shapes in the wood that hadn’t been there the day before.

I’ve spoken to my uncle who passed when I was about two years old. He called me Squirt, a nickname I’d not remembered, and told me of a few family things. When I approached his sister with these truths, she smiled when she recollected and asked how I knew about that. When I told her, she was shocked, and remained grateful for the messages of love. I’ve also been visited by a friend who passed from this world at a young age, who assured me that I was marrying the right person! 😀 Sometimes I see figures, dark shadowy outlines of bodies and sometimes I see them more clearly, as with the little girl. As each of us are spirit, I believe that we all have abilities to connect with the spirit side, though they become lost or buried from the conditioning we experience in this life. I was told that I have an overactive imagination, that I was making things up for attention, and even that I needed help. Yet no one could make me question my experiences. As I focused more on this gift, my awareness continued to expand, enabling me to ‘call forth’ my grandparents who were instrumental in my upbringing (often done by using a meditation to center my self and then connect to the spirit world). Not all of the entities I’ve encountered have been positive, but the message was always the same: Love is the only force. Love is all there is, and all that matters. And “darkness” is simply the absence of love. Love is light. We are light. We are love! And we are ONE!! 🙂 🙂

@jenniferl, thank you for your fascinating insights and experiences with George! How profound!! And for continuing to share profound poetry!! 😀 You rock, precious!! 😀 😀

@robin, I appreciate your interesting posts as well!! Thanks for sharing about dreams; they are absolutely divine!! 😉 I’ve been connected to and deeply resonate with the dream world since I can remember. I can still see myself listening to the story of Joseph in the Christian Bible and his ability to interpret dreams when I was a young girl. I was so confused by people’s responses; they were amazed. I wasn’t, because I decoded dreams for family and friends from the first one shared with me. I assumed it was something everyone did! 😉 I’ve found that tuning in allows us to obtain messages and lessons in a totally different way, perhaps because the ego steps aside much more easily.

I welcome responses and continuing this awesome thread!!

All of these fascinating topics all point to the same truth, that we are the universe and we create our reality with each thought, desire, and experience. Thanks for being a wonderful part of mine!!

Light, love, and laughter,