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Hi @susan,
I had to laugh when you mentioned you’re reading James Van Praagh’s books; I was actually going to suggest him to you if you hadn’t heard of him, as I’ve recently stumbled across his show on called SpiritTalk! How fascinating and wonderful that we’re on the same wavelength! 😉 I sense you have a lot of hesitation around being YOU, you bright, beautiful spirit!! 🙂 I totally understand feeling hesitant to share; it actually took me a few days to post my experiences as I did feel anxiety around sharing at one point. However, ultimately I strive to help others, and I kept thinking about your request to connect with others who wouldn’t find it so “woo-woo!” And that’s another example of how we create our universe! You asked the universe and the experience was delivered to you! 🙂 Perhaps people around you also feel as you do and are too shy to share! We never know the full impact of our actions. One thing I find to be very helpful is to realize that whatever is happening around me, whether I love it or loathe it, is a reflection of my inner state. This brings me back to the connectedness of which we’re all a part and allows me to make actions from my heart rather than my head. 🙂 Wishing you light, love, and openness!! Expand your wings, you gorgeous thing!! Sing!! You have such valuable insights to share!! 😀

And dear @aurorac, thank you so much and I absolutely reciprocate!! I appreciate your loving, joyful energy!! Thanks for injecting that throughout this forum!! 🙂

Does anyone else have anything they’ve been feeling on their heart to share but have perhaps been hesitating?? We are here for you; this space can hold you!

In gratitude,