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Hey @lilianna-deveneau,

Thanks for your supportive words. I teach that nothing is about what it is going on outside, it is all about what is happening in our heads and hearts which is all we have control over. I do not think we create everything, we have no control over what others do but we can influence by our responses and energy. We do draw to us what we are vibrating at. I am healing from massive trauma and repairing my self-esteem and confidence. I have always been pretty introverted but have been much more so the past couple of years. The brain actually changes in response to our habitual thoughts and this influences the body. I am learning how to live in a human body with others in human bodies too.

It is so simple to me that all is Love and Light. I wish I had known this when I was younger and maybe I did but it got over ridden by programming from others. Now that I know who I am and why I am here it is easier to step back and regroup sometimes. It is an ongoing process. Even the other day some man said he works with the Angels and acts as an Excorcist to clear negative energy(evil) and demons etc. It amazes me because people will fight and argue when I tell them there are no demons or negative energy or entities. That is all fear that someone has personified. You can help someone clear the fear and I do that but all this stuff about evil, it does not exist. To each his own and not to discount anyone else’s experience. I think people make things too complicated. Everyone sees what they are looking for and everyone gets to choose where they are.

Does anyone else out there get “Homesick”? I had a lady many years ago who was running a group (saw her once and I never saw her again) say that. That I was homesick and I remember looking at her shocked and saying how did you know? It is easier when not getting too caught up in the daily business of living. She told me that I was getting too caught up in the human experience and I had to remember that I was only an Emissary. I have had many things revealed to me since then. It seems like such a let down to feel connected and have wonderful miraculous experiences for a fleeting moment and then have to go back to mundane. But I guess that is part of the process too. I usually am the one to lift others and encourage. I am learning now to let others help me too.