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Intriguing question, @aurorac and @dheeraj. I don’t know that there is unity among scientists in the West but, in my experience, science is concerned with that which is provable. And no one’s found a way to prove consciousness (#YATU doesn’t count in that world as “proof” of anything).

To the present moment, science has not found the neural correlates of consciousness in the brain where, to those steeped in materialism, insist it must lie. After all, if consciousness and thought must reside in the brain. I know that @deepakchopra professes that nondual consciousness means that body, brain, mind are all constructs in consciousness, which is ALL THAT IS. But in modern science, nondualism simply means that the brain is embodied–part of one system. They reject Descarte’s famous dictum, “I think therefore I am,” for the more prosaic, “I evolved, therefore I think.”

As for myself, I find it much more intriguing to posit that the “I am that I am” which came to Moses as God’s name is proof of Consciousness addressing itself in the form of a man. We are all slivers of the one I am experiencing this reality and, perhaps, many others.

I can’t wait to hear how others respond to this question.