Reply To: Readers Ask: What Are Thoughts, Why Do We Need Them?

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Lindsay Briner
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Beautiful Deepak! Thank you for this articulate discussion on nonduality and how “thought is an interpretation of experience.” It seems so simple, yet we all struggle to break free from our systems of thinking and into transcendence / pure consciousness. It seems as though some people, like Suzie, experience brief moments of it, while others with disciplined practice, can maintain it more persistently.

This discussion reminded me of this definition of pure consciousness by researchers Travis, Arenander, & DuBois, (2004).”Pure consciousness is “pure” in the sense that it is free from the processes and contents of knowing. It is a state of “consciousness” in that the knower is conscious through the experience, and can, afterwards, describe it. The “content” of pure consciousness is self-awareness. In contrast, the contents of normal waking experiences are outer objects or inner thoughts and feelings. Pure consciousness is a direct experience of the natural structure of human experience.”

Much Love,