Reply To: Some Questions I'm Asking Scientists And A Few Thoughts

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Lindsay Briner
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Hi Psychedelicacy, Great questions… I have asked these questions many many times as well. I think that, especially according to Deepak’s Ontological Primitive, the waves and particles of physics of an emergent property of conscicousness but cannot be reduced to consciousness itself. Therefore, consciousness becomes ontologically irreducibile, where the physical and nonphysical characteristics of consciousness become orthogonal. Such as, ‘stuff’ that is measured in momentum, weight, length, and in physical measures, and ‘stuff’ that is measured in emotion, thought (qualia) –are 2 totally different kinds of substances – and of course they relate as a premise of experience, subjective impulse translates to physical body, but science does not yet explain *how* they relate. This is why philosopher David Chalmers called this core issue “the hard problem.”