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Aurora Carlson
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Hi @robin, thank you so much for your answer. I have actually read it right after you posted it, but was on my way to catch a plane, so I couldn’t answer immediately. Instead, I took this conversation with me on my trip to Edinburgh. “Who Am I?” is the question…

While on the plane, I nodded at your observation that there is no consensus among Western scientists but wanted to add that there is no consensus on what science is, either 🙂 The hard sciences often ignore and deride the point of view of soft sciences like psychology and sociology, which are much more nuanced about the consciousness aspect behind physical structures, aware that it is the non-physical aspect that lies behind the physical one. Most of the time, the soft sciences equal consciousness with thought and emotion, but still, there is a general insight around our identity being more complex than a bundle of cells.

Thinking about you, and being on my way to the city where the Harry Potter book was written, I smiled remembering our conversation here on the forum and Deepak’s answer around our Harry Potter synchronicity with @jenniferl . We went to the cafe where Rowling wrote the book, here it is:

elephant house

We were there for quite a while, and my daughter, who was only 4 yrs old when she was reading the HP books by herself, and who has Rowling as one of her main inspirations for her future career as a writer, noticed that the music they kept playing, song after song, was one of my daughter’s favorite Swedish bands. My daughter is Swedish, we were in Scotland 🙂 It was definitely a synchronicity.

We then headed for my son’s graduation ceremony, passing the school that was Rowling’s model for Hogwarts, here it is:


My son, who could hardly hold the HP books in his tiny hands when he was reading them, and who has spent his toddler years running around with a black invisibility cloak on, was waiting for us in front of the Old University building, wearing the black cloak of graduates, complete with the pointed hoodie of the invisibility cloak. He actually looks very much like Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter in the movies, but I don’t have his permission to post his pic, so I won’t. You’ll have to believe me when I say that the parallel was unmistakable. We entered the hall for his pompous ceremony, and lo and behold, who do you think turns out to be there to give a graduation speech? Here he is:


Trudeau was there to receive his Honoris Causa degree, while my son was there to get his first class with honors degree. He was also on his way to the G20 meeting with among others Trump. He gave a speech that conveyed to both my kids exactly what they needed to hear at that moment, but at the same time suddenly made certain things completely clear for me too, things I had been wondering about, behaviors echoing Trump respective Trudeau values that I needed clarity around.

Later on, my attention found itself again returning to our discussion on our real identity and while wandering through a beautiful Edinburgh cathedral, I wondered if Lindsay ( @lindsyb )has answered here and what she thinks about the question “who am I”. And then… my eyes fell on this thing:


I hope you notice the text at the top 🙂

So… what would Western scientists say about all this? Who or what is the I experiencing this kind of synchronous appearance of symbols, weaving everything together, and just as you Robin described, answering all the questions arising, guiding, and explaining itself to itself? Is Harry Potter imagination? Obviously! Is my son imagination? Of course! Is this all a story? It can’t be more obvious. But within who or what?

I would love to hear other friends’ thoughts around our identity, and also, discuss Western and Eastern thought lines about it.