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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Elvira @elviragherman , a warm welcome to the forum! How is beautiful Romania? I was born there and I remember the spectacular mountains and the Black Sea with much joy!
Thank you for your question, I am sure Deepak will answer soon, please feel free to ask all the questions you have! Here is a little guide to help you if you should need it: How to Submit a Question to the Authors. Should you need any help on the forum, please just ask me by tagging me ( @aurorac ) , I am a moderator and here for you.

Dear @susan , it’s so nice to hear you talk about being homesick 🙂 On my path, I too have called the state of awakening “home”, and whenever I returned there, it felt like being able to breathe again. There is infinite space, light, joy, clarity, love there, it is a “place”, or state of such obvious blessing. And it’s extremely painful to be “away” so to say, I know that. But as you say, this back and forth movement is a part of the process, we surely all recognize it, those of us who have stepped on the path. In time, we find ourselves more home than away, and slowly… we are no longer leaving. Reality becomes permanent. I guess it’s the goal of everyone, if they know it or not. I am so glad that you are here discussing these things with us, it makes it much easier to know that we’re neither strange nor alone in it. Also, if you want, why not ask the authors this question about being homesick and how to return home? I believe they too could help us with their perspective and tips. In the meantime, may I ask- how do you handle being away, what do you do to return home?

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