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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @susmita , thank you for your response, this is a great topic and what you say absolutely makes sense to me. In silence, everything is clear, but when using words, we use the intellect and so we might need to discuss a little 🙂

Your question was if feelings influence reality, and my answer is that pure awareness is reality, and it is not even touched by feelings. Reality itself, awareness, is not influenced by feelings, but the mental, emotional and physical *appearance* of reality certainly is. There is no real duality, but there is the appearance of duality. Only the appearance is influenced, not reality itself. If emotions are colored lenses placed over a movie projector, then the image projected through those lenses will certainly shift with different lenses, but the light that creates the appearance of an image does not actually change.

Also, the color of the feelings belongs together with the interpretation of these projected images as having separate, objective reality. Light simply is. But when light experiences itself, knows itself, thinks about itself, feels itself and acts within itself, all of that happens in the realm of an apparent duality. When the projecting light forgets its nature and reality and believes that the projected, observed, known, thought of, felt and acting image is something other than itself, then the color of the whole movie can turn to fear, anger, frustration and so on, the whole drama on the screen seems separately alive and the movie characters have no memory of them being the light that projects the whole movie and of which they are made. Light has forgotten itself and has identified with its creations, and so the colors are no longer bright, for it is scary to have forgotten who you actually are 🙂

When the memory of the real identity is intact, then light can still project itself as the world, but it does so with the knowingness of the observed being of the same nature as the observer. Light experiencing itself and knowing itself as light is bliss, and that is the closest we can get to being embodied pure light. Of course, I use the word light as a metaphor for pure awareness.

Not sure if this makes sense to you? 🙂 Words are based on reality cutting itself in pieces and trying to understanding itself through structures and patterns. Perfect tools to understand some aspect of reality, but when it comes to wholeness… 🙂

On another note, as a forum moderator I’d like to thank you for the suggestion about editing. The forum software was automatically set to allow editing during the first 5 minutes after posting, but I have changed that to 15 minutes. Is that a good time frame you think/feel? Any suggestions for improvement are welcome, we even have a Support and Announcements subforum where everyone’s ideas can make a difference 🙂 As to the replies, yes, they appear under the post we reply to and a bit more to the right side of the page, to mark that they are not responses to the initial topic. It’s not ideal that the text box is at the bottom of the page, we are aware of that, but so far there is no easy way to change that. We’ll see what the future (movie) will bring 🙂