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Aurora Carlson
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Wow, I couldn’t have said it better, I agree with all you say. We have waited for so long for the tide to turn, haven’t we? 🙂 Actually, I have noticed that scientists are not at all as certain about the nature of reality as the most ardent physicalists want us to think. That is also a myth which we shouldn’t accept anymore. I’ve met plenty of researchers who are wondering and very well noticing that things are not as they seem, so to say 🙂 They usually don’t just accept another ontological point of view, which is healthy… they need to arrive at the conclusions themselves for it to be real. But the work done by Deepak, Menas and other scientists is very important, they are asking the right questions and pointing to the ones that don’t have an answer in the old paradigm. I love this book, it’s a patient, compassionate, intelligent gem.

And yes, how valuable is not this space where we can all gather and talk about these things, compare notes, compare questions and share ideas? For we are all living in communities still built on myths, and we are the ones to change that.

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