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Hi beautiful YATU members,

@susan, I greatly appreciate your openness and honesty! I can absolutely identify with your statement, “I guess the key to the gate is to trust and not expect myself to be perfect. I would never expect so much from someone else, LOL!” I used to have huge expectations of my Self and almost no expectations of “others.” After all, all we can control is our own Self, right?! 😉 Yet as the authors of YATU so eloquently explain, we are all connected, and ultimately, we are (one) consciousness. So what we say, think, and expect of ourselves actually ripples out to each soul we come in contact with, whether electronically or face-to-face! When I finally sat with this truth, I was able to realign my own perceptions and expectations of my Self, which led to a remarkable transformation of my “outer” world! When I realized this connection between outer and inner, I allowed my Self to be gentle, kind, and loving to ME, showing my Self the compassion I’d often reserved for others. In practicing this self-directed gentleness, through mediation, journaling, and play, I often feel a sense of “returning home” as you and @aurorac discuss. I hope this nugget of truth will help you in feeling the reality that you are a perfect being in a perfectly bizarre and incredible universe!! I send you light, love, and healing!

@jenniferl YOU are simple and beautiful!! 😀 😀 Thank you for your bountiful energy!

@celia, thank you so much for sharing your remarkable story! I LOVE a particular assertion you made: “Health issues can be a door to heaven. To absolute freedom. To expression that is entirely independent of the individual self.” I certainly experienced this with the limitations I had as a young girl with rheumatoid arthritis. When I stepped out of my own way, the healing was waiting for me. I no longer identify with that disease, and it no longer plagues my body-mind! I’ve also found that if we don’t regularly stop to breathe, we will be halted by the universe when it is our “time” to grasp an important life lesson before carrying on with said new (or remembered, really) knowledge. I congratulate you for your excellent view, and thank you for your encouraging statements: “U have an opportunity here too. Just breathe through every moment, feel it, experience it, feel the emotions, dont judge them. You are free.” 😀 Yes, we are!! Step into your true Self, the Self that needs no healing!! 😀 😀

Sending light, love, and freedom to all,