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Hey @celia,

Since I tried several times to post my original answer and it wouldn’t I will write probably the most important part.

I know I am not my body but am living in my body as a conduit of love and Light. I think the reason all this is happening with the health etc. is to keep clearing out issues from this life and others to be a clearer crystal channel for my work as a Lightworker in this life. I do not say I am a Healer, I say I do healing work because it is not me, it is me channeling G-d and the Angels Light. Gunk has to be cleared out so that more Light can shine through.

When I remember that it is probably just “growing pains” it helps.

A crystal can only shine as much light as it is clear.

I love Jonathan Livingston Seagull and just want to fly.

Thank you for sharing I appreciate it.


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