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Dear @aurorac I know you didn’t say this and may not even imply it but I was trying to think what’s the distinction between “the lesson” and “self-realization”, as I’ve come to understand my experiences in these terms, so far. I can see how saying “the lesson” may be interpreted as an imposed authority, such as “you can’t have any meat if you don’t eat your pudding.” ;P But I don’t mean it like that. And yet, I don’t mean self-realization either. To bring it back to simplicity, I would say the ultimate life lesson is brought to us in order to answer the age-old question of “who am I?” By what authority does this come to us? YATU! And it’s all according to the laws of the Universe, which can be known and understood when we do the work (a scientific endeavor, mind you.;P). <3 Love! Love! Love! <3

Dear @susan regarding the question of personal power. I would say it poetically first: am I a lighted lamp for all to see or do I keep my flame contained within these four walls (I picked this up from Alice Bailey’s work)? Eckhart Tolle describes how we effect relationships by our identification with what he calls the “pain-body” or if we’ve risen above this body to what I’ve also learned to identify as the “soul body”. You’re probably familiar with his work. In Ch. 8 of his book, The Power of Now, he talks about what happens when one person in a relationship becomes soul identified, to paraphrase, and the other person is not yet there. Basically, the ties of co-dependency are no longer met by the soul identified person, causing the other person to self-reflect because there isn’t anyone to meet them at the co-dependent level. I think this expands upon what Aurora is alluding to when she says,”As long as there is “me” and “others” we are still not seeing reality.: A co-dependent relationship would try to fix the “other” person rather than going within oneself to address the causal relationship. I’m sure you have uplifted and made a difference to a multitude just by the way you Serve! Much appreciation!

Dear @lilianna-devenau Thank you for your sweet and soulful energy!I think it’s brilliant when you say in regards to rheumatoid arthritis, “When I stepped out of my own way, the healing was waiting for me. I no longer identify with that disease, and it no longer plagues my body-mind! ” <3 <3 <3 Beautiful! I’m working with my husband and his cancer diagnosis and very serious treatment and will share your words with him if you don’t mind? I believe this ability to heal ourselves is available to us all. Especially, when we learn to step out of the way, as you’ve said, and I’ll add it’s because we’re already healed on a higher turn of the spiral, so far as I can see so far. We come to realize this when we put away the identification with the limited self. Big celebration with you!


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