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Hi @jenniferl,

I totally agree with what you wrote. As I continue to work through years and years of horrible abuse by many different people and the effects of it on my mind and body I realize how much “brain washing” there was. I never really realized it before. Unfortunately when this starts very young it becomes your reality because you forget who you are. I left the “victim” identity a long time ago but Ego fear brings it back at times and that is a chance to keep healing at a deeper level. I have been releasing co-dependent patterns for decades (and consciously practicing new ways of being as the Universe keeps bringing in opportunities) including as a “Healer”(in parentheses because I know I am not the source but the channel) the wanting to always help and “fix” everything and everyone so that we can all experience perfect peace and love. I retired my Superwoman cape, LOL but have to keep retiring it because the wanting everyone and everything to experience that love and joy is so strong. However, I am learning to step back unless asked or getting the indication (in the animal’s case) that they want the help. I put something on Facebook about realizing I tend to rush in where Angels fear to tread. Not always the wisest thing to do, LOL!


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