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Hello, lovely beings!

@jenniferl, I am truly honored and grateful to be able to provide encouragement for you and your husband!! I completely agree with you, and with Dr. Chopra in his book Reinventing the Body, Ressurecting the Soul, and other scientists, who believe we can heal ourselves. Indeed, each of us do this all the time!! From blisters and cuts, recovering from surgery, to regenerating blood and bone cells, we’re regenerating all the time!! The human mind is unbelievably powerful; just look at placebos. In a research study, a control group is given a fake, essentially, such as a sugar pill, while the experimental group receives the treatment being investigated. Often those receiving the placebos will exhibit nearly the same levels of healing as those taking the actual treatment. Why? Because the participants, every day people like you and me, BELIEVE that it will work! (Because what you focus your time, energy, and attention on grows, whether this is positive or negative!) This allows them to step out of their mental processes, get out of their heads and out of their own way! I’m reminded here of Tolle’s “pain-body” and “soul body” concepts you brought up! 😉 Belief is a great force that each of us holds within. Sending you light, love, and the belief that all will be well!! All my very best!!!

@susan I applaud and appreciate your continuous dedication to self-evolution! It’s not always easy getting to the root of why we feel a certain way and the many ways this resurfaces over and over until we understand the lessons most important to the growth of ourselves and those around us! Yet I’ve found this is the most important work that only we can do for us! How powerful that realization is (after the initial fear!)! Much love!!

@aurorac, thank you for continuing to mediate this wonderful forum of growth and exploration. Much gratitude to you and of course the authors for making these connections possible!!

Light and love,