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Dear @susan ,
Humility is knowing ourselves to be neither too great, nor too small. I enjoyed reading, “I have been releasing codependent patterns for decades…(and consciously practicing new ways of being as the Universe keeps bringing in opportunities)…” Yes!

It’s our own ability to recognize the energies and work with them consciously, transmuting the past conditioning. “Release” is a powerful tool! Just by saying this to ourselves as a mantra we can release ourselves from the ties of the personality (the past). We can’t allow even the most horrific acts of the past to have power over us. Otherwise, we continue allowing that to manifest within us and our circumstances – repeating the cycle!

By doing this work consciously; where we release and transmute past conditioning because we remember we’re more than this; we’re actually giving ourselves the opportunity to leap ahead in evolution, to the soul body (Metahuman); where we know ourselves to Be all that is, was, and ever will be in one unified whole (YATU!). For example, the seeing of Angelic Beings or the feeling of being brought to the 5th Kingdom (what some are calling “home”). Your readings may bring you this experience, eh? Or, perhaps in a dream or spiritual event?

Deepak mentioned in a guided meditation, “see as if for the first time.” I found this technique to be a wonderful reminder to have balance and poise, while standing in Spiritual Being. It’s through application of our highest knowing of ourselves (applying what we remember of our highest will!) – in dedicated and disciplined practice – that we create Heaven (or the 5th Kingdom) on the Earthly planes. “I am That, All This is That” I hear these words in Deepak’s voice right now.

Tao: 54
Let the Tao be present in your life
And you will become genuine…
How do I know this to be true?
By looking inside myself.
Keep up the great work! I love you!! <3


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