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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Gary:

This is an excellent question, I would say it is THE question. I call it Living the Living Presence. Maintaining the awareness in the everyday life is addressed in the great Kashmir Saivite text Siva Sutras “The bliss of the world is the bliss of Samadhi”. In other words, seeing, feeling, experiencing the Presence, who is the real You in every moment of life.

But how? One way is the view everything as You by contemplating that without your experience, a particular “thing” would not exist for you. If it exists for someone else, how would you know? Perhaps, one might say, by asking the other, about her experience. But isn’t even asking the “other”, your own experience?

Another way is to just be aware of your own breath. Your breath gives you life, it is the specific living process or you. Without breath, you would not be aware of anything. So maintain the awareness of your breath and your breath will reveal your own awareness.

Anything that takes you back to your own inner presence works. Little by little you will feel the bliss of your own Self, the real You, who is everything that there is, everywhere and every time.



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