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Aurora Carlson
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@krista hahahhaaaaa…. soooo very funny! The definition of sign as “An object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.”!! Thanks for showing me that, had not seen the sign (ha) hidden behind that word. Presence is truly giving itself signs everywhere, isn’t it? Loved your poem too, how beautiful you put it, and it brought the thought that a good definition of mind would be: the excursion of Being into an imaginary separate world.

@robin you ask: “I am curious to know what in President Trudeau’s speech offered you new clarity about our asynchronistic U.S. president.”
Well… let me see how to put it. The insight that (re)emerged was that even when it comes to values, which is an aspect of existence that many of us are very passionate about… that level too needs to be transcended in order to see that both the good guys and the bad guys are all created in the same consciousness. Even if I as this person have a strong tendency to be for Trudeau values and against Trump values, if I am deeply attentive and sincere… all these values are within me. If I split myself into “for and against”, I have constructed something out of nothing&everything-ness and have practically lost my wholeness, have fallen from its grace. It’s so easy to be politically vociferous (for some of us) but the real way forward is up. It is to notice the silence behind the debates, the wholeness behind all roles and structures, notice that the same I is expressing itself and experiences all sides. From that point on, it’s not about struggle, but maybe… recreation 🙂

Your story of genealogy synchronicity is so interesting in so many ways, isn’t it? For it ties in with all that we speak of here, with the pic I posted, with the TV program you have there (we have it too). It links all this with all that- your daughter’s friends, your ancestors… and actually, if we look anywhere, everything is connected with everything else. As you say, we are connected at the root. Everything is in the same consciousness, all stories the mind sees as separate and linear are a weaving of the one stuff (consciousness) within the one space (consciousness) by the one hand (consciousness). I am that, you are that, our stories are that, our ancestors and history are that, our politics are that, everything is that. That alone is.

@dheeraj , I agree with you that “Self identifies wrongly with the local self.” So why do you keep calling the local self “I”?

@menaskafatos – ah yes, all this is words… until existence experiences itself without the mask of thought, feeling, sensation. Only then the self knows itself. Thank you for the link to your materials, will gladly visit!