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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Susan, when someone replies to a post you made, you get an email. If they also mention you with a @name mention, then you get an email through that function too, about the same post. If they even edit their post, every time they click Send after editing, you will receive still another email for every time they do that 🙂 That’s how the software is built. This is a BBpress plugin for the WordPress site that hosts our forum. It is not perfect, but it makes communication possible and if we allow the small kinks- even fun. As the platform evolves, I am sure we will keep improving on all aspects.

For anyone wishing to keep the number of emails down for everyone- when you reply to a post, do not also @mention that person. Also, try to check the spelling, etc before you hit send, as the software will send another email notification after every edit. I’ll do my best to do this too, even if I think it’s nice that people (including me) want to make sure the loving message reaches its destination 🙂

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