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@menask Thanks for the reply and blessings. I have not experienced what pure awareness is but I am discussing it from point of view of Enlightened Buddha.
I have one question to ask :Have you seen Brahma or Shiva or, anyone who has been meditating seen Shiva or Brahma ?
Following is what Buddha says(in my words) :
All compounded things including Self are destructible or transient. Self is made up of both material and mental aspects. Perceptions, thoughts, dispositions and understanding all come together to form the Self. My thoughts are partly my own and partly others. I can not associate all that I write or speak, to myself only. I am an aggregate of many things. And all aggregates must scatter. That is the law of Universe. Therefore Self , if it exists must die and take rebirth according to karma. It takes rebirth because there is thirst for existence of self. Self is the prime evil.If we surrender Self then there is a escape from the cycle of rebirths. We escape to the state of uncreate , unborn, unbecome.
Shiva and Brahma are not uncreate , unborn because they have Self. ‘I am’ is present in both the cases of Shiva and Brahma.
What remains is pure awareness as a possibility but it is not clear what is meant by pure awareness. If it means infinite consciousness then Buddha says there is no such thing as infinite consciousness.

PS:I am looking for a final word on the existence of Self.