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Hi @aurorac,

He basically talked a lot about Multiple Personality Disorder and I have had the same experience, a client would develop hives right before my eyes and when we got another alter out they disappeared. She said she would only show an old fracture on an Xray if she was in the alter who had the broken bone, etc.

But I want to know how do we time travel with the body? Or is it possible? Like in “Somewhere in Time” if you saw that movie, or countless others. Of course no one really knows. When having a flashback you are in a sense time traveling because though the body is in the present, the consciousness is not. Or when having a vision (not a visualization) of the future the same thing is happening. There are writers who say that once we are out of the body and back into pure spirit we can go wherever we want with just a thought. I guess it is the density of the body that prevents that now or our practiced belief that we can’t.

I am learning to shape shift for want of a better term. I can be invisible and not even know I am doing it, observing. Now I am practicing Shadowing like the wolf, observing without being observed. Theoretically we should be able to physically move into the past and the future and also be able to assume the energy of other animals. Shamans do shapeshifting. Yesterday I was talking to a lady about my Aura photos and white energy personality which is like a chameleon, blending in and also taking on other’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors so that it looks like yours and can be used to mirror it back to them so that they can heal if they want to. I mentioned about the “cloak of invisibility” I often feel like I have on where literally people do not seem to see me unless I make myself known and how I didn’t understand it. She said I was being the chameleon at those times and it made sense, just never put that together.

I think I am just frustrated with the density of the body and the world and the world intruding on my peace with its demands. I know it takes practice to always stay in peace and maybe no one can.

This sounds like it is completely off the subject but it is just another piece of the puzzle. I used to watch “Buffy the vampire slayer” which is really not my kind of show but I thought it was fascinating. The faces would morph and show who they really were and only she could see that. Over active imagination maybe but there have been times when I swear as I looked around a group or in a crowd I had the eerie feeling that it was going to happen. I told a lady about this the other day when we were talking about our psychic experiences and she said that maybe I was seeing the negative or evil part of them. It made sense and explained the experience. I do tend to see through people and am aware of other energies around me. It is hard to put into words.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.