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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Dheeraj, of course the cup of tea is not really real, it is a construct, it is simply an invention in consciousness 🙂 Of course! But consciousness itself, or awareness, or the Self, whatever you want to call it… that is real! The presence in which the cup of tea is constructed, along with Jesus, Buddha, Dheeraj, Aurora, etc. The presence itself is alive and exists, and it is everyone’s real self.

As long as you call the construct “Dheeraj” self, you will say that the self is not real and I fully agree. Believing that the world of forms and phenomena has separate existence, believing that it exists “out there”, that is a recipe for suffering. But that is not the self! The self is the non-material, formless, unborn and uncreated state in which constructs like “Dheeraj” or “tea” arise. Dheeraj is not real, because it is a relative concept, but that which creates the illusion of “Dheeraj” … that is real. Why don’t you call that “self”? Just turn your attention inward and ask yourself who is reading these lines. If you believe it is Dheeraj… well, then you are trapped by an illusion, for Dheeraj is your invention. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t exist, it just means you are not Dheeraj but that which invents Dheeraj 🙂

Thank you for your sweet wishes, and I assure you that my happiness is not based on anything in the so called outer world 🙂 It is simply what happens when you know who you are.