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Aurora Carlson
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Hello Susan,

thank you for sharing more of your thoughts. Could we say that your @question to the authors is:

“I want to know- how do we time travel with the body? Or is it possible? Like in “Somewhere in Time” if you saw that movie, or countless others. Of course no one really knows. When having a flashback you are in a sense time traveling because though the body is in the present, the consciousness is not. Or when having a vision (not a visualization) of the future the same thing is happening. There are writers who say that once we are out of the body and back into pure spirit we can go wherever we want with just a thought. I guess it is the density of the body that prevents that now or our practiced belief that we can’t.

I am learning to shape shift for want of a better term. I can be invisible and not even know I am doing it, observing. Now I am practicing Shadowing like the wolf, observing without being observed. Theoretically we should be able to physically move into the past and the future and also be able to assume the energy of other animals. Shamans do shapeshifting.

I think I am just frustrated with the density of the body and world and the world intruding on my peace with its demands. I know it takes practice to always stay in peace and maybe no one can.”

Could this be a good question to send to the authors? Would you like to shape it further?

My answer to your wonderings, and I say this as someone who has done her share of shamanism, Toltec stalking and dreaming, remote viewing, and much more, is that all that is relevant while still holding the timebound perspective. As soon as you transcend that, then all becomes clear. Timespace itself is a construct belonging together with every shape/person projected by the “I”, consciousness itself. So if the real “I” is metaphorically the sun, then its rays end up in a particular place in time, that lit-up spot appearing as a person in time, even while the sun itself is not in time. All timespace possibilities are equally possible to be lit-up, and which timespace spot is manifested as experience depends on where the “attention” of the sun goes. Not sure if this makes sense, but… realizing our true identity makes it clear that all personal timespace incarnations are constructs. Existence is in reality not bound by its spacetime constructs and can choose embodied experience freely.