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@aurorac All forms of Self dissolve. They are proved to be an error, an illusion or like a dream. That which invented Self called “Dheeraj” can not have self. “I am” does not arise as the Truth is unborn , unoriginated , uncreate , unformed and unbecome. How can self arise in that which is uncreate (can not be mapped to anything created and has no sense of perception nor no perception)? How can self arise in that which is unborn(not born) and unoriginated? Self grows by gradual evolution in the sea of ignorance. I am writing this message partly using my own mind and partly using others. There is no ego-soul behind or outside my thoughts. Annihilation of Self is the Truth and Annihilation of Truth is Self. This is the most serious problem with Self. Where there is Self there can not be Truth.