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Aurora Carlson
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Wohoooo…. what have we here? @sree retired the shibboleth in seconds and the next moment, wham, Deepak added a whole poem in free verse! I can’t see how he could write in any other way than whole and free šŸ™‚
Hey friends, this is really fun!

I sat and wondered how all this belongs together (other than in being, haha), for we had glided into a rhythm of:

rhyme A
rhyme A
rhyme B
rhyme B

Punchline rhyme B.

Not sure anyone else has noticed, but such am I šŸ™‚
So one idea would be to align everything to that rhythm, just like we did with @psychedelicacy ‘s prose. It might look something like this, but … please help! @krista @derek-whitney @susan , everyone… any other ideas?

I am woo, woo is me.
Iā€™m both strength and delicacy,
I am flux and stability,
supreme complementarity.

I am the ability.

I hear all the flowers sing
I am the starshine bird taking wing
I am the animating quality
the ginger in a cup of tea.

I am you and you are me.

Source, the bow and each one arrow,
mountain, dolphin, deer and sparrow,
cast towards the formless goal
No separation, one Loving whole.

I am being every role.

Where none are first and none are last,
where thought – a done thing of the past,
where all are seen beyond the seeing,
where Love is lived in only being.

I am the freedom and the freeing.

I know myself in endless ways,
Appear as inches, pounds and days.
I sometimes think that I am not
But death is just another thought.

In constructs I am never caught.

For what is birth? And what is death?
Time to retire the shibboleth.
Look past them instead
At the paper on which they are read.

I am what is when all is shed.

I am that I am – and that is enough,
the it from the bit, no matter how tough
But also the bit in the it. The seer I am
and also the scenery hologram.

Knower, knowing and known I am.

I am awareness that knows itself as subject
of every experience, and also as object.
Experiencer, experiencing, experience- all three
Arise in confluence in me.

I am that. That I am. That alone can be.

I straddle the universe with but a fraction
Of my limitless being in action.

(… to be continued with
rhyme B
rhyme B
punchline rhyme B)