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Aurora Carlson
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Hi dear @susan, thank you for your message! 🙂
I have offered you my email address in another place on the forum where you asked for that. But here it is again (carlson dot aurora at gmail com). Please feel free to email me with any issues concerning the forum or me personally, or to say anything you have to say here on the forum!

I have not changed anything in your poem, but we have indeed worked as a group, as one, with a goal we all share- to have fun and enjoy ourselves while creating something nice together. In that process, many lines including yours and mine have been reshaped to give a balance of rhyme and rhythm to the whole. If you read the entire thread you will surely notice how many times and in how many ways everyone has been asking for permission to shape our common creation in a harmonious way, as it needs to be done if we want to do something together and not apart. Everyone is free to say what they think and agree or disagree of course! 🙂 As long as we are doing it from love and unity it’s all good.

We would very much like to continue to have fun and be friendly with each other, for that’s the purpose of any healthy action. So please let me know here on the forum or via email what exactly you wish 🙂