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Aurora Carlson
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Dearest Psychedelicacy, you know… we all have a story to tell, for we have all been seeking. On the path to what we are looking for, as we initially don’t even know what it could be that we seek, we do all kinds of things. That’s the joy of being a person!

But before being a person, we are. If you say “I am Psychedelicacy” you will be all those difficult experiences. But those experiences are long gone. If you drop the memory of that and don’t insist that is who you are, what is left is “I am”.

Right now, you are. The question is- who do you want to be? The paper lies blank before you, and all you need to do is call on the story you wish to experience. Who would you like to be instead? If only I AM is permanently true, then what comes after that is up to you.

Death? Yes, luckily, you can let go of the story of that person you have been, but you don’t have to drop the physical body for that 🙂 Just re-construct it! The body is a process, the mind is a process, your whole person is a process. From Being, you can re-construct it at any time. So… if you have a little faith in your own creative potential, and if you are willing to drop the old story… what story would you like to embody? Give yourself some time to dream sweet dreams 🙂

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