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Aurora Carlson
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All right my dear ones, let’s see what we’ve got. We’ve got a poem I think ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a question for the authors regarding this poem, so before I send it to them (and the poem itself, which might end up being read in a video by Deepak !) please let me know if you have ideas on how to polish it further while still keeping the essence of what wants to be said.

Also, all those involved @psychedelicacy @krista @sree @derek-whitney @lindzyb I hope it’s OK for your name to be married to this poem, and if you have reasons why not, speak now (over the next couple of days) or forever hold your peace (or maybe both, haha). Special thanks go to @susan for her contribution, and as requested by her, her name will not be married to this poem, as the conditions are not met, which we hope it can be pardoned for.

I am woo and woo is me,
I am strength and delicacy,
flux and stability,
supreme complementarity.

I AM omnipotent ability.

I hear all the flowers sing
I am the starshine taking wing
The animating quality,
the ginger in a cup of tea.

I am you and you are me.

Source of the bow and each one arrow,
mountain, dolphin, deer and sparrow,
cast towards the formless goal
of no separation, one Loving whole.

I am each and every role.

Where none are first and none are last,
where life from thought is of the past,
where all are seen beyond the seeing,
where Love is lived in only being.

I am the freedom and the freeing.

I measure myself in endless ways,
As degrees, inches, pounds and days.
I sometimes think that I am not
yet death is but another thought.

In constructs I am never caught.

For what is birth? And what is death?
Time to retire the shibboleth.
Look past the veil and see instead
The canvas of all writ and read

The omnipresence, when all is shed.
I am that I am โ€“ and that is enough,
the it from the bit, be it smooth or rough.
The bit in the it. The seer I am
and also the scenery hologram.

Omniscient knower, knowing and known trigram.

Awareness aware as the subject
of every experience, and also as object,
Experiencer, experiencing, experience โ€“ all three
Arise in confluence in me.

I am that. That I am. That alone is me.

I straddle the universe with but a fraction
Of my limitless being in action,
Resting in nonduality
Effortlessly, consistently

I am above each fraction thatโ€™s rising expansively.

I swirl as the cosmos, my supernovas explode
For vacuum energy Iโ€™m the abode
I thunder and bellow, I whisper and hush
Symphonic and sonorous ocean and thrush.

The art and the artist, the muse and the brush.

Like ships passing by each other at night
We go through life aloof, despite
us being sisters and brothers,
forgetting there are no others.

Weโ€™re all sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.

In the vast universe, the Master Captain, our true Self
guides us, its infinite number of ships – to itself,
the other shore, with loving care and steady hand,
reminding us the ancient Truth we now might understand

You Are That, You Are the Universe, you are not small, but grand.

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