Reply To: Readers Ask: How Do We Create a New World Reality?

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Derek Whitney
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Good Morning Deepak, Menas, Aurora & all

What a great topic to be collectively focused on:

How do we collectively create a more harmonious, joyful, equanimious, peaceful, beautiful, flowing world?

The short answer is: by being only Love.

The creative acronym I use in my yet to be completed book ‘Feltness’ is …to be PURE ie:

P = perfect
U = universal
R = relationship
E = energy

to live, act and be in perfect co-operative flow with everyone and everything including the water, land, ocean, river, air, all humans, animals & all.

To do nothing, that is not from or for Love.

It is so profoundly simple & yet so humanly elusive.

We can each only focus on more closely observing each of our own thoughts, words and actions, towards being more pure.

Thank you to all associated with this forum for being part of an honouring, gifting and shared Love experience.

Perhaps we can expand the context and (Source aligning) increase the deepening true Love footprint across this shared Self created and gifted miracle we call Earth.

Namaste, in peace, joy & Love.