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Hello, dearest ones!!

Precious Jennifer, how is your husband doing? I hope this finds you both filled with light, love, and wholeness. Thank you for continuing the conversation! Regarding our discussion on the nature of soul, your point on polarities and consciousness reminds me of a quote Deepak said in one of his meditations that had an extremely healing effect on my fragmented disillusion of the world: “Being whole, love has no opposites.” I keep this in mind even and especially when in the presence of someone who has hurt me or caused me other discomfort, and come to recognize the same life force that resides in me lives in them, which clears the way for forgiveness, healing, and ultimately reflection on how I became a better person through that experience. Susan, perhaps this will help you on your journey to restoring the wholeness of your energetic self, providing you with ever more power over your present moment! Light and love!!

This relates to Aurora’s point that belief is guessing, whereas knowing is the pulse of reality. Thank you for the clarification, and yes, I agree with the differences! The knowing is the intuition, that inner guide, while beliefs are constructions of our past projected onto our present. Beliefs, therefore, can change, whereas one’s own knowingness, is infinite as it reaches beyond the ego and into cosmic consciousness or source. How ethereal it seems and yet how magnificent the truth that we create our world!

Celia, thanks for sharing the laughter!! And Aurora for your brilliant insights!!

Sending love to each of your wondrous, worthy beings!! I’m also including some pics of gorgeous Mount Rainier in Washington, USA. May it be a reminder that the magnificence, magnitude, strength, and force that created such fantastic landscapes are also within each of us!!

Light and love!!

PS. Still awaiting the picture I spoke of (a family dog creating milk to nurse orphaned kittens) to come out from its hiding place! 😉 I’m excited to share that with you at just the right “time!”

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