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Dear @lilianna-deveneau and to all,

Speaking of thoughts creating our reality in a positive way…

“Being whole, love has no opposites.” Sounds like a wonderful way to claim the highest knowledge of yourself so that it can be given to you. I love your examples of when to use it – during times of trouble. I’ll be using this one, too! Thank you for that. That’s perfect for my situation, too, where I’m finding so much resistance in the medical community. For example, over the fear of pain management.

I’m so glad you asked about how my husband is doing with his cancer treatment. At first, he was in terrible pain with very little relief from heavy narcotic pain medications taken around the clock. In fact, the medications altered his mood and caused unpleasant side effects, including lack of appetite; a problem for cancer patients undergoing treatment. His pain was complicated by terrible mouth and throat sores; a side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Prior to treatment, my husband was told by the Radiation Oncologist, in order to manage the pain from mouth sores caused by radiation and chemotherapy treatment, he would have to be on around the clock narcotics. My husband tried to manage his pain unsuccessfully with this method for two weeks, affecting his mood and willingness to eat or drink, until recently. By God’s Grace, my husband pulled himself off all pain medications about three days ago. This is in spite of still undergoing chemotherapy and daily radiation treatment. Alternatively, he found almost complete relief for his pain using the mantra, “Christ, please take my pain away.”

My husband is relatively pain-free and eating again! He’s gaining weight back! No pain meds, so far! Thank you, Christ/Lord Krishna!

Love to all!


p.s. Lillianna, thank you for the stunning photos. I live near Lassen Volcanic National Park and find the scenery majestic and meditative! This is what your photos reminds me of. There is so much Beauty in nature.

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