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Dear @deepakchopra , @aurorac , and community,

First of all, a huge hug and thank you to Dr. Chopra for responding to my questions. I enjoy our discussions immensely. It helps with my spiritual research, to say the least – very much appreciated!

Aurora…Yes! So well said, and really gets to the point where we come together in Oneness.

Dr. Chopra helped me expand awareness on the concept of AI. I often think of expanding awareness as spiritual development or unfoldment. I haven’t yet given much consideration to how the brain adapts to these expansions. It was just something that struck me. Here are some notes from Dr. Chopra’s FB video on AI that opened my eyes to our infinite potential to assimilate what’s new to us, as follows:

Consciousness is so malleable
The brain itself is an experience in consciousness
As we extend our range of experiences, our brains will adapt
Our brains will give us the experience of the world we wanted
You could be in multiple dimensions
Spatial/temporal/multidimensional experiences in consciousness
Expanding our range of experience through qualia
We will enter a brave new world
We’ll know ourselves as multidimensional beings in a multi-verse

I was thinking, what would be a pure intention for creating artificial intelligence or a quantum computer? For example, I spend a lot of time in spiritual reading and research documenting evidence for the subjective realities as my one-pointed meditation practice. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have a quantum computer with an amazing number of files with information about everything we have available with the ability to recognized soul identified brain wave patterns? The combination of soul recognition with infinite access to information may allow the computer to bring up soul identified material for that person/individual to read and learn more about the True Self, as they experience it. Could a computer be sensitive enough to detect subtle impulses from an individual to respond to the soul? Sort of a scaffolding for how to recognize our higher self in everything around us. Would this create artificial synchronicities? YATU!

It’s a pleasure, as always, to hear from you and continue our experience of expansion on the discussion forum.

Love always,