Reply To: Readers Ask: How Do I Deal With Obsessive Thoughts and Addictive Patterns?

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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Shivansh:

Excellent question. This is the central problem or issue with the human mind, how to deal with the mind (by the way, the mind is not “physical”, see below). The mind seems to torment us and if unchecked, it can lead us astray or cause major psychological and psychophysical problems (as mind influences the physical state of a human being). However, the mind is also a great friend, our true companion if we treat it right. It is like a horse in the old days, it can get us anywhere; however, we are the rider. Who is the rider? Pure Awareness. Now the ancient monistic systems such as Vedanta and Saivism taught that the individual and the universal Reality (Brahman) are one, the individual mind and the cosmic Mind are one. So this is the point. In terms of ‘obsessive’ thoughts, they are fed by feelings and in turn influence feelings.

Meditation is the right antidote to a restless mind. Patanjali taught that the purpose of meditation is to still the modifications of the mind. Then the Self (the universal Mind that is always there) is revealed, like the bottom of a lake with waves is revealed when the waves are not there; otherwise, we cannot see the botom of the lake.