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Dear Dr. Chopra ( @deepakchopra ) and to the discussion forum,

I’ve made it a mission to bridge the work you present with what I’ve been immersed in for many years now. By and large, I’ve witnessed a continuing of the conversation the whole time I’ve followed you on Facebook and delved into the works presented by you. The discussion forum feels like a culminating effort, a practicum if you will, for synthesizing the lessons we’ve covered, not just with You Are the Universe, but over the many years – I suppose adding to the idea this is a participatory universe.

What I’ve come to understand so far, and feel inspired to tell you after listening to today’s FB post on the theories of consciousness, is how I’ve come to synthesize this teaching, as of this moment.;P
My dream is to continue the conversation into the future…

I see something beyond the physical
It’s round, sweet, tasty to eat
But what good does it do me
If I don’t sow it back into the ground
For the next harvest.

I’ve remembered the following postulates, so far: 😛

1. Every unit is equal. This is true, even when appearances would have us believe otherwise.

2. Time creates the appearance of a universal hierarchy of structure which can be seen, known, studied, prodded, and created in.
This universal hierarchical structure has engendered meaning which one can get back of when one learns to soften one’s gaze. In other words, see beyond the dense physical forms of structure to the energy behind it. “As if, for the first time.”

3. All is in Divine Order goes hand in hand with Know Thyself. And, all is according to His plan. “His” who? It is oneself also seen in the face of deity, such as with the Christ. To me, this means every piece of the puzzle is there for a reason. This helps to unify all theories of consciousness into one unified whole. As in, all roads lead us to Pantheon, Rome. According to Wikipedia, Pantheon means “of, relating to, or common to all gods.”

The relationship between each philosophy of consciousness reveals something of the nature of one’s being. To me, this is why we let each other go to study what calls to us, in a unified endeavor, of course, and not with a selfish motive so that it benefits the whole. It’s of the same fabric we’re weaving and all philosophies have meaning and an inherent purpose and plan behind them.

Correct me if I’m wrong, (@question) I think the above constructs coincide with what you are saying about consciousness being where all experience is known, and also adds meaning to what has been created. YATU!

Much love and appreciation for this opportunity to continue the conversation,