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Dear Jennifer, this is amazing. I am glad you are attempting a Unified Theory of Everything (something that has eluded Einstein and many physicists since). I, too, would love to weave the many threads of consciousness I have learned about our gleaned over a lifetime into a recognizable universal tapestry.

But at the moment, I am having kind of the opposite problem: the threads are unraveling. The more I am immersed in YATU, and listening to and reading, not only Deepak and Menas, but the seers from many wisdom traditions, the less of a tapestry I see. Instead, I am increasingly seeing … nothing. The “thing” my mind/ego would like to grasp onto by following these individual threads is dissolving into a void.

I don’t know why this is happening–maybe it’s just all too overwhelming. Or maybe the consciousness that is the ground of all being is just that, void, out of which we can construct–or deconstruct, to use a term that was much in vogue with some in leadership currently in the US — whatever we want. Or not.

That field of all possibility–just like the quanta that appear as wave or particle only when seen–is, in reality, nonexistent until we identify what we want to see, when we want to see it. And it is gone even before we manifest it, because that was then and this is now…and now…and ever now.

And maybe that is what you are saying in this comment too. Or not. My mind just cannot grasp it now.

And, somehow, that feels okay. In this state of mind, everything is a miracle and nothing is everything. Is this a qualia experience in the now? Has anyone else experienced this?

Sending much light and love,

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