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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @jenniferl , your post is very inspiring, thank you. I have reflected on what you wrote and so let me too sow, for the next harvest.
Weaving further on your postulates, here is what happened:

1. Every unit is imagined by/within the same consciousness, thus in essence equal. This is true, even when mind constructs (appearances) would have us believe otherwise.

2. Time is a mind construct which creates the appearance of a universal hierarchy of structure which can be seen, known, studied, prodded and created in.
This universal hierarchical structure is an image appearing as consciousness forgets itself and starts dreaming (= mind). The dream appearing is colored by the interpretation/meaning given to the construct and gives rise to the energy structure which underlies the dense physical forms. Seeing beyond the dense physical forms to the energy behind them shows deeper connections, and seeing both form and energy pattern “as if, for the first time”, from their source in consciousness, allows for creative restructuring of that pattern, or creative waking-state dreaming.

3. All is in divine order means that every physical structure and event is a perfect mirroring of a state of mind, where the word mind denotes activity in consciousness. All reasons are constructs based on partial perspectives, there is no reason to the wholeness of reality which is simply and gloriously conscious existence. Every piece of the puzzle, mental or physical, people and theories alike, is imaginary and all roads lead to Pantheon, Rome, to the realization of the divinity/wholeness of all imagined separate parts.

If anyone wishes to harvest and sow on… please do 🙂