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Aurora Carlson
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Dearest Jennifer, I know you are playful 🙂 It’s so great to play freely outside ego concerns, isn’t it? Most people are so convinced that the words we use are ours personally that it’s hard to play word games, and it’s hard to play thing-games and any other games, for all becomes so serious if you have to keep track of what you have listed as your particular person and its belongings.

In reality, everything flows, and it flows intelligently, if egos let it. Egos are imagined mental structures belonging together with separating rules, who sooner or later find themselves in a place where the Flow isn’t flowing. I would not call it group consciousness, even in Rudolph Steiner’s terms… for the flow belongs with that consciousness which is completely aware that all individuals and groups are its own playful creations, merely inventions, not there to hinder the Flow but to embody it. Maybe it could be called Oneness consciousness? The One and Only Transpersonal consciousness? Or maybe just consciousness, haha…

Who cares what we call it, if we know ourselves as it, if we flow as it. That’s when we play in creative delight, while all words and things flow as they want to. That’s when there is one being with a myriad eyes to see, mouths/beaks/etc to speak and hands/paws/lianas/etc to do, flowing as one from no thing to all those wonderful things.

So yes, let’s keep playing! 🙂