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Aha, now we’re talking @aurorac! As someone who makes a living as a writer, I know the power of words to influence people in many ways, both good and nefarious. At the best of times, words inspire, inform, elevate and elucidate. At their worst, they evoke fear, hatred and paranoia, to appeal to our basest emotions, with delusions and lies. Words create, or reflect, who we are and what moves us.

And yet we know that words are just human constructs. I love that you compel in us to: “Imagine when all people make their home to rest beyond the mind,” in a transcendent state of awareness. But can mere words do that? How else to communicate what lies beyond this mirror and fabrication, this limited pseudo-reality where humanity imagines itself into being at present?

War, terrorism, violence, competition, division, fear, anger, and hatred are compelling human emotions. They have defined our human race for too long. They have been tied to our instinct for survival and self-preservation.

I am sure that joy must be our ultimate destination if humanity is to survive on this beautiful “blue marble” of heaven where we’ve misguidedly created such hell for ourselves. Short of inducing mass hallucination, how do we appeal to the better angels of our nature to lead everyone (with words or without) into the state of playful awakening that is transcendence, to guide us to the Platonic mind state where Deepak invites us with such evident joy and wonderment–and that is within our own power to reach for?

As I look outside my window at the beautiful pink and purple crape myrtles, river birches with their curling bark, and the yellow day lilies in my yard, I rest in the beauty of nature. It is a balm against the noise of words. Blissful.

Perhaps it is in “no words” or wordlessness (like the “no thing,” or nothing, I have found in the void), that we may find peace.

Sat Chit Ananda,