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Dear @aurorac and every beautiful spirit here at YATU. Everyday I read the wonderful conversations here at YATU and have allowed myself to take away and not give back because I have felt the pull of other responsibilities and daily tasks that require my attention. That makes me a little unhappy and especially because I know that time can be found for everything.

@aurorac said,

“But is that choice really with the person? The person has a personal perspective and cannot escape it unless the person becomes another person 🙂 The person is stuck, it is a construct, and it cannot construe anything other than its particular view.”

The phrase “chipping away at the old block” comes to mind because I cannot escape the feeling that I am like the wind. Constantly changing and evolving. If I choose, I can make time to respond here at YATU, edit my work and create more as well as love my family, friends and the universe around me. I am a construct of the universe and as such I have the power to change and grow as my soul sees fit. Yes, there are interferences that temporarily send me back to the block but as soon as I overcome each challenge I can step back to my true place in the universe.
When I stop and listen, I feel the most thrilling giddy feeling in the area of my solar plexus. If I stop long enough, that feeling travels and fills my entire body. It is such ecstasy that cannot be equalled and in those moments everything is possible.
A few months ago, a man and his wife bought the house next door to use as a holiday home. On their first night here, they had little in the way of amenities so we invited them to dinner. It struck me that they liked to brag about the things they owned but I thought, “hey that’s their choice.” Some weeks later, our relationship declined because my partner parked our car infront of their gates. He briefly sucked me into his anger until I stepped away and sent him feelings of love. I have continued to do that since. When I see him now, I send those feelings and I can see that he finds something confusing, he doesn’t know what to do. It is as though I am filling in his dark spots with colour. My hope is that one day he will find a way to speak again but until then I will continue to send love. It seems as though he is indeed stuck but my own experiences tell me that he can change.
It doesn’t make me feel special to know that my love affects him but it does give me hope that he will change.