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Dear All,

@aurorac , I appreciate your words more than you may realize and will be magnetizing your post to our refrigerator for the family to read. One of the things I super appreciate about this forum is how the lesson comes through, where each member brings a piece of the puzzle – to me, it’s The Teacher – which, as you are alluding to so eloquently, is more clearly recognized when we’re identified in oneness with the spirit. In other words, putting the ego aside to recognize the grander scheme of things.

@robin : it is fascinating work you are doing. I appreciate hearing about your research of Leonardo Divinci. My oldest son and I have spent many hours oodling over his masterpieces, including a trip to the Divinci Exhibit in Sacramento, Ca, which I believe is here again now. Thank you for bringing forward Jim Carey’s recent mini-documentary, I Needed Color. I looked with awe-inspired wonder – especially at the face of Jesus. I thought the eyes said it all about Jim Carey’s artwork – a deeply healing experience.

@stevecostello: What a beautiful spirit, you are! Love your neighbor as yourself, eh? But, as I’m sure you’re aware, the saying isn’t meant to be interpreted as having to put up with lousy behavior from a neighbor. I hope you say and do all you know to from the highest knowledge you have of yourself! I lift you in prayers, love, and light!

@ joanne-cooper28 “Once You Attempt To Define It, It Will Show Itself To Be Something Else.” I’m reminded of the Trickster in Shaman traditions, here to mirror duality until we come to the realization of oneness. Your poem touches the heart of the matter.

Love again to all,