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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @robin , change is happening and it is always good when the intention is good. Everyone is looking for even better and smoother ways for the precious inner-outer work we are all doing together. As you have noticed, the questions to Deepak are now to be sent to [email protected] and Deepak is monitoring that directly. The idea is that it is more efficient, if we want to evolve and improve, for many platforms to gather into one and is the best hub for that, but in what precise way is not yet clear, it is a process. Poonacha Machaiah, the co-founder of Jiyo, and his team of wonderful people with big hearts and loads of technical know-how is on it right now and has effectively taken over the monitoring of this platform until the needed changes happen.

I would not worry about us all here not being able to continue to meet and grow together, for we will, in the best way. It is not in the form, but in the intention. @jenniferl wants to continue to gather the threads and weave them into one and put some of what is essential on her fridge. @stevecostello wants to continue to “chip away at the old block” in a bond of love with us all here, while reinventing his neighbors with love, loving and serving his family and continuing to discover what else there is. @joanne-cooper28 wants to continue to write her poems and paint her healing art in harmony with you Robin and the wonderful video of Jim Carrey you posted. You Robin are walking together with us, Leonardo, your students and all the kids you address through your online project on the path of self-discovery and creativity. All the others who read and write here are with us all, in their own ways.

Our lives, desires, paths, are completely interlinked. This is the One, existing and moving as many, and we have gathered here to discover our oneness, affirm it, enjoy it, marvel about it 🙂 We will continue being the One as forms shift and change as they wish, to mirror even better that which we are. Love matters(=gives rise to matter), the rest (matter) doesn’t (give rise to matter). Love is what matters, so let’s stay in love while matter shifts as it needs to, for even more bright dreams to take shape.

Robin, I laughed so much as you described the Aurora piece at the Smithsonian. I laughed, for how funny is it, that some One has made a sculpture of what this One has been doing for a while? On this forum, posting a picture is not as easy as we would want it to be, but thankfully things will change 🙂 Until then, dear Robin, if you find it a good idea, just send me the pics on FB and I will post them here.

The show goes on on one stage or another 🙂

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