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Aurora Carlson
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Loved your acronym Robin! 🙂

All those who suffer under the illusion of their own limitations… that is a lot of people. Some while ago I witnessed the celebration of the national liberation day of a country still troubled by much conflict, poverty and suffering. All those people who were seriously identified with that karma, they were partying while also weeping, they had been fighting for generations. It’s so easy to sympathize, for as progressive people we want liberty and justice for everyone. But can anyone be liberated as a nation? Or as an individual? That kind of liberation, even if it arrives, is still in the ever-changing dream. If you’re caught in it, if that’s who you believe you are, suffering will sooner or later arrive.

Only when one ponders what Deepak said in the above list is true liberation anywhere near. At that national celebration, I walked among sleeping people, and wondered how to help them wake up from the troubling dream… But then I realized I was only dreaming. I wanted to help the pixels on the screen realize they are just pixels, haha!