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Hi All,

That’s a great list. I understand it.

I’ve been on this journey to understand ‘me’ for a little while. The YATU book was a big step for me which had only fueled my desire to understand more. While I took a took a lot away from it (I read it twice back to back) I was still wrestling with a few things, which led me here to this site which helped. Deepak in one of his videos mentioned Spira. Yesterday while reading Spira’s Nature of Consciousness during the chapter ‘Consciousness’s Dream’, something ‘clicked’. I had a rather sudden moment of realisation which was accompanied with an increase in my heart rate, breathe and even tearing up. My mind raced with this ‘finally understanding’ moment. It’s almost as if the secret to the Universe was suddenly revealed. It’s Awareness. I understand. (Aurora, I even tweeted at you and Deepak at that moment, just to scream, “I GET IT NOW!!!”.) Even thinking of it now I feel emotional.

While I know this is only just the beginning of a new journey for me, with this new understanding I am already seeing how it is affecting the way I see and respond to everything. However, I too am wondering how can I help humanity understand this? I know I’m still new on my journey and cannot properly articulate this that I now know. For now, I guess I’ll just remain open to what else will be revealed.

Just wanted to share.

Love to all.