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Aurora Carlson
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I’m SO happy for you, Marc! This is an amazing breakthrough, you have managed to break out of the collective mirage and know reality. A truly great moment! Congratulations!!

Of course you have a lot of questions now, of course questions arise as the mind re-adjusts to a whole different way of functioning. What is most amazing is that the questions are of a whole other nature now, as your perspective has shifted. Dear Marc, don’t hesitate to connect with others who “get it” here and everywhere, for your experience is shared by many and by connecting we consolidate our insights and build a new world. I hope you know that anything you wonder in this process, you can ask Deepak directly by emailing him at [email protected] , he will answer on Facebook live. Deepak has been guiding and helping people like you and me for ages, and your questions are shared by all on the path, so this is truly the dialogue of the One consciousness on the way to realize itself.

My answer to your question, as I keep asking it, is that wherever I am and whatever I do, I need to come from that identity which I now know is reality. There’s an intuitive, heart-centered knowing, for every situation, of how I should act in such way that the old collective patterns can be seen through. So there is not a “mental plan”, at least for me 🙂 I walk with the life dream, staying as awake as I can, even as the scenery seems so convincing sometimes. I use the gifts of this particular personality in the best possible way. In meetings with people, depending on the degree of awakening, sometimes I encourage, sometimes I just don’t participate in the crazy patterns- which can be very disconcerting to those fast asleep but a big help for those on their way to waking up. I like asking such people- but why? Why are you doing/thinking that? It sometimes helps make other options visible. Some are ready to face the big question- who are you? – without running away into some construct. Such moments are magical.

I think you’ll love life lived from here 🙂 There are many people who are awakening, which is what we are here for. I’m smiling with you Marc, sending so much love and wishing you joyful existence!

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