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Thank you @aurorac. I smiled as I read your reply (and again a little teary, this all seems to bring my feelings closer to the surface) as I again am clearly understanding what you are saying. I’ve been lurking here for a little and though I think I have been getting the essence of the discussions, some bits seemed a little over my head. So far that seems not to be so much the case now.

I have some dear friends visiting me from the US and last night we went to visit some mutual friends. It was a little strange as these were people I knew well and was comfortable around, but it was hard to participate in the discussions as I was seeing things so differently now. Unfortunately no one there is on this path yet. As you so nicely put it, they were still very much fast asleep. My reaction was to just ‘be’ and observe. Both myself and them. There was nothing else I could do. I did feel a little disconnected.

Of my friends (in the true sense of the word), I can think of only one that has been seeking (and his wife to a lesser extent). In fact I give him a bit of credit in steering me along my journey by sharing his, however I have noticed that he ‘ebbs and flows’ a bit, sometimes fully asleep, sometimes stirring from the slumber. I haven’t seen him since this shift in me, but I should soon. I feel each persons spiritual journey is very personal, so I am very wary of imposing my beliefs or actively influencing others on theirs. If the opportunity arrives and it feels right and I know it can be appreciated, I will share. He is someone that welcomes a good discussion.

I have one small request. Could you give me some guidance on any literature that would help me along? Interestingly I’ve never been a huge reader, but even that seems to be changing. I am yearning to learn more.

My apologies if the above has ‘hijacked’ this thread a bit (wow, just realised how long it looks).

All the best,