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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Marc, no need to feel lonely. As you see, there are many new friends appearing and you might very well start noticing other people in your life. As we move along in our evolution, it is naturally so that we can connect in deeper ways with even more people.

Also, I see that you are wanting to keep the ego from hijacking the experience. That is very good, we all need to learn to distinguish what is what. A little tip I’d like to offer is that the ego has many faces. So beware of the inflated ego, but do not let the deflated ego hijack your life either. You are not bigger than reality, nor are you smaller 🙂 You are IT, in its entirety, and only the ego could stop you from expressing that wholeness, simply by convincing you that you are small and irrelevant.

So do express, freely, that which comes from knowing. Both here on this topic, on this forum and in all of life, we have actually gathered for one purpose alone: to awaken as the one being.

Regarding books, the first name that came to me besides Deepak was the one @sree mentioned- Eckhart Tolle. You might love to read some of the ancient texts too, like the Yoga Vashistha. If you like Western philosophic thought maybe read some Berkeley and Locke, or the master of transpersonal psychology Ken Wilber (A Brief History of Everything is a delightful book). If you like poetry don’t miss Tagore and Rumi, giants from the Eastern tradition, and T.S Elliot, Edgar Allan Poe, Maya Angelou, William Blake, Rainer Maria Rilke… Also, I for one will want to read Deepak’s book he said he will write around the above aphorisms 🙂

Many have, in their writings, expressed the discovery we all make sooner or later, including our dear friend @krista. We can’t discover reality by reading books, but reading from others who describe transcendent experience can either inspire us to keep searching, or helps consolidates our own experience. I hope you follow your inner drive wherever it takes you Marc. Enjoy!

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